Targeted Yield-Performance Turnarounds:
Lessons from EAB’s Enroll360 Product Suite on How to Rapidly Improve Admitted-Student Engagement

Jump to the following timestamps for specific topics:
  • Opportunity 1: Ask Students About Their Intentions: 11:11
  • Opportunity 2: Use a Robust Predictive Model: 13:29
  • Opportunity 3: Hardwire Your Response: 20:41
  • Opportunity 4: Treat Aid Granting as a Continuous, Dynamic Process: 22:27
  • Opportunity 5: Mobilize Your Campus Community at Scale: 24:45
  • Opportunity 6: Offer Students an Immersive Virtual Experience at Your School: 28:16

As we approach yield season, many colleges and universities are still struggling to get a confident read on how yield will work under this new normal.

To help you prepare, EAB has identified six fast, high-impact yield interventions you can implement now to improve admitted student engagement and yield performance, with an eye to longer-term improvements.

Watch EAB's on-demand webinar to dive into the six secrets of maximum yield.