Insight Paper

Building an Effective Graduate Enrollment Management Plan

While the past 20 years have been a time of rapid expansion for graduate enrollment, that growth has not been consistent or easily won. The last two decades have been characterized by several distinct challenges: growth in online education, a rapidly evolving competitive landscape, economic recessions, and a global pandemic.

Just as it is imperative to have an enrollment management plan at the undergraduate level, the graduate enrollment landscape’s continual evolution necessitates the development of a graduate enrollment management (GEM) plan. Building an effective GEM plan could be the difference between strategic growth or no growth at all.

Explore this insight paper for EAB’s latest research on planning for graduate enrollment growth, including:

  • Three reasons your institution needs a GEM plan now
  • The critical foundations and framework of an effective GEM plan
  • Six core elements of a GEM plan that you need to consider
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