Understanding and Recruiting Generation Z:
Insights for Enrollment Leaders on the Gen Z Mindset

Recruiting this generation of students requires an in-depth understanding of their attitudes and behaviors. Not only are these digital natives extremely savvy when it comes to technology, they are also incredibly discerning when it comes to marketing. Add to this an increasingly competitive higher education landscape and the recruitment complexities created by COVID-19, and you have yourself a monumental challenge. This is why EAB has never been more committed to understanding the needs and desires of today’s pre-college teens.

This whitepaper will share four truths about Gen Z and provide actionable recommendations for the upcoming enrollment cycle. We aim to shed light on how students approach the college decision-making process and how you can leverage that knowledge to inform your marketing strategy and build greater affinity with your school.

Our most recent findings come from a variety of research activities, including a partnership with CGK, a leading generational research firm. We worked with them to survey over 1000 students and collect over 30 student-generated video diaries. We also pulled from our independent research, including our student persona analysis and over 40 Awareness and Perception Studies that we deployed this year on behalf of our partner institutions.
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