EAB's newest insight paper

Meet Your New Graduate
and Adult Learner

Insights on Changing Student Behaviors and Preferences from EAB’s New Survey of 3,800+ Graduate and Adult Learners

To stay competitive in the graduate, online, and adult learner market, it’s critical to adapt marketing messages and program design strategies to meet changing student needs and preferences. EAB recently surveyed 3,800+ graduate, online, and adult students to understand evolving student behaviors—and what they mean for your enrollment strategy.

Download this report to explore the full survey findings, including:

  • Changes in graduate, online, adult learners’ program search behavior—including the recruitment channels and messages that resonate most
  • Students’ shifting motivations for furthering their education, and what they mean for your program design and marketing
  • Graduate and adult learners’ evolving criteria for making enrollment decisions
Download the Report