Motivate Disengaged Students
During Virtual Instruction

This training video is the first installment in a six-part professional development series aimed at supporting teachers in improving virtual instruction. Watch the video above to correct common misconceptions about student motivation and learn five easy-to-implement strategies proven to recapture disengaged students in virtual learning.

Remote learning is a new reality for many K-12 school districts, but many educators continue to struggle with delivering effective virtual instruction. Throughout the last year, EAB has sought to equip district leaders with the necessary strategies and support they need to help their teachers and staff succeed in a remote learning environment.

EAB's Virtual Instruction Resource Center, available exclusively to partners of our District Leadership Forum, contains a series of resources and six professional development (PD) videos that are designed to equip K-12 virtual educators with knowledge and strategies to succeed in a virtual setting. Each video addresses one of six common challenges that affect teachers across grade levels.

Training topics include:

    • Motivating Disengaged Students
    • Building Long-Term Memory
    • Virtual Classroom Management
    • Hybrid Instruction
    • Fostering Online Student-Teacher Relationships
    • Delivering Virtual Feedback and Assessment

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