On-Demand Webinar

Designing the Student Experience
of Tomorrow:
Three Scenarios for a Post-COVID World

With dramatic social, demographic, technological, and consumer behaviour being accelerated by the pandemic, what will the student experience of tomorrow look like, and how might education institutions respond?

We invite you to download this on-demand webinar from HUMANE and EAB to explore how far and how fast higher education might evolve in the next decade—and how to rethink institutional strategy and planning in response.

If you ask most senior leadership teams about their strategies for a post-pandemic future, they will rattle off a similar set of high-impact practices aimed at improving their students’ experience: experiential learning, flexible modalities, digital-infused curriculum, and the like. All of these approaches are designed to take advantage of a transformational moment in the sector. But how does an institution differentiate, particularly when strategic plans and marketing materials tout the exact same ideas?

This thought-provoking on-demand session introduces the concept of design fiction and profile distinct visions for the future of HE, drawing on evidence-based examples related to the domains of lifelong learning, career preparedness, and student experience.

Some of these scenarios may excite you, and some may frighten you, but all will challenge you to consider the impact on your institution if these possible futures come to fruition. The goal of this exercise is not to predict the future--but rather consider what would need to happen for scenarios to come true...or what to avoid entirely. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether these futures aligns with your institution’s mission and strategy.

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