Insight Paper

Engaging Students’ #1 Influencer in Recruitment
Insights from EAB’s 2022 Parent Survey

Today’s parents are more consumer-like in mindset, more anxious, and less trusting than their predecessors. And with the rise of intensive parenting, family interest in being involved in college recruitment has only increased.

Despite the evidence that parents want to be directly involved in their child’s college search, many enrollment leaders are uncertain of how and when to best engage them.

To help colleges understand how to communicate with this important audience most effectively, EAB conducted a survey of more than 2,000 parents and guardians of high school students.

This report shares 5 key takeaways from our survey, including:

  • Top sources of anxiety and confusion related to financing their child’s education
  • Differences in parent communication preferences according to race, ethnicity, and income
  • Parents’ most sought-after information and channel preferences
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