Peer-to-Peer Support Toolkit

As institutions seek to improve student success, persistence, and resilience, many overlook an effective strategy already on their campus: Deploying their own students as peer mentors and coaches. EAB’s research found that peer support has immense value because of peers’ ability to promote a sense of belonging for students and scale up support initiatives on campus.

Download the following 4 tools to help you design and scale your own peer support programmes.

Profiles of Exemplar Peer Support Programmes: This resource highlights key components to the best peer-to-peer support programmes and describes three successful mentoring programmes.

Peer-to-Peer Support Audit: This diagnostic tool will help student success leaders identify areas of improvement in existing peer-to-peer support programmes and understand best practices for developing new programmes.

Mentor Support Guide: Recruitment and Training: This guide will help ensure that peer-to-peer support programmes provide adequate training and support to mentors.

Peer Support Calendar and Curriculum: This resource helps with understanding common challenges that students face and developing a mentoring curriculum that delivers the right support when students need it most.
Download the Toolkit