Frontiers in Enrollment Analytics

Three Emerging Priorities for Evidence-Based Enrollment Management

  • Frontiers in Enrollment Analytics advises enrollment leaders on cutting-edge data and analytics capabilities, describing the near future of evidence-based enrollment management and steps schools can take to make that vision a reality.

    The three main topics addressed in the report are:

    1. Overcoming data silos
      Many schools’ analytics efforts are hobbled by an inability to connect the different systems in which their data lives. Our report offers important lessons on automating data linkages between key enrollment-related systems, in support of robust reporting and analytics capabilities.
    2. Turning data into insight
      Even institutions with strong data infrastructure often struggle to make sense of the valuable information they’ve gathered. Our report paints a detailed picture of what a successful pairing of advanced analytics and enrollment leadership looks like.
    3. Turning insight into action
      Multiple factors, including insufficient speed and flexibility of querying, can cause insights generated from enrollment analytics to languish unused. Our report explains key steps that schools can take to overcome related barriers to action.
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