White Paper

Enrollment Strategy for a Test-Optional Era

Practical Guidance on Applicant Evaluation, Aid Awarding, and Market Approach

Even as many colleges remain undecided on their future test-optional status, others are committing themselves fully and undertaking the hard work required to produce optimal enrollment outcomes without access to test scores. In doing so, they’re teeing themselves up for significant competitive advantage in coming enrollment cycles.

This white paper shares key findings on how to do test-optional well, including insights from schools that have made the transition recently and from others with a decade or more of experience under their belts.

Specific topics covered in the white paper include:

• The likelihood of test optionality remaining widespread after the pandemic
• Tips for effective communication of test-optional policies
• How to make admit decisions with reduced access to test scores
• Examples of “do no harm” merit-aid awarding
• A breakdown of the additional demands test-optionality places on admissions teams

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