On-Demand Webinar

Essential Practices for District Leadership Through the
COVID Winter

In this on-demand webinar, we present straightforward guidance and practical strategies that district teams can use to make progress on four urgent priorities this winter:

  1. Establish a safety net for student well-being
  2. Build community buy-in and trust
  3. Minimize burnout among teachers, staff, and administrators
  4. Ensure student engagement in virtual education

With case rates rising rapidly across the country, it’s clear that districts must prepare for yet more COVID related disruption in the weeks ahead. As a result, superintendents and their teams must clarify what matters most, organize rapid response teams around each priority, and focus on implementing practical strategies with fidelity.

EAB’s recent conversations with partners have highlighted four urgent priorities for district leaders this winter. In this one-hour on-demand webinar, we share strategies for how to ensure district safety and student well-being this winter, as well as provide district leaders with resources and support when they need it most.
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