Why You're Worth It:
Nine Lessons on Communicating Your Value Proposition to Increasingly Price-Sensitive Families

Enrollment leaders from around the country tell us it’s getting a lot harder to yield the number of students they need at a price that is sustainable for their institutions. Given the very real structural factors causing higher education to be less affordable for many families, making the case for the value of a degree from your school has never been tougher.

Rising to the challenge depends on a multifaceted response, including flawless execution on recruitment-marketing fundamentals and “price engineering” via financial aid optimization. But, at its foundation, the task remains one of persuasion—how to convince students and parents that your institution is a better choice for them than any other school, at any price.

This whitepaper lays out clear and simple lessons enrollment leaders can follow to increase the persuasive power of their value messaging. Considerations include:
  • What matters most to students and parents
  • When and how to communicate true price
  • Which types of value content students pay most attention to
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